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  Club Presidential Term


President Heather Ferrero

2023/2024 Photo Page

President Patti LaVigne

2022/2023 Photo Page

President Teresa Chichester

2021/2022 Photo Page

President Don Livingston

2020/2021 Photo Page

PP Michael Kolberg

2019/2020 Photo Page

PP Angela Ellis

2018/2019 Photo Page

PP Stephen Kelley

2017/2018 Photo Page

PP Tim Hayes

2016/2017 Photo Page

PP Mary Kay Yanik

2015/2016 Photo Page

PP David Woods

2014/2015 Photo Page

PP Dennis Dawson

2013/2014 Photo Page

PP Tim Brinduse

2012/2013 Photo Page

PP Howard Stewart
2011/2012 Club Photos  

PP Matt Gaynor
2010/2011 Club Photos  

PP Lou Lombardo
2009/2010 Club Photos  

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