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November 4th. Veterans Luncheon

Boo 2019 Geneseo Halloween Parade
Photos by Tim Hayes

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Club Meeting on 09/30/2019
Pres Mike presenting a mug to today’s guest speakers, Rock Castor and Laurel Nelson, of Lagom Landing in Dansville.

Club Meeting on 09/23/2019
Here is “mugshot” photo of Pres Mike providing a Geneseo Rotary mug to guest speaker, Liv County Historian Amie Alden.
Amie spoke about the preparations being made for the celebration of the County’s bicentennial in 2021.

Club Meeting on 08/12/2019
Photo of Prez Mike as he navigates the USS Geneseo Rotary through today’s meeting.
No, Mike, this is not an excuse to go on Shore Leave!
P.P.Matt presented the hat to Prez Mike, from his vacation trip.
  July 8 2019 Club Meeting  
  Rotary guest PP Bonnie Rybak from the Inverness, Florida club. She visited and exchanged banners with Pres. Mike.  

Change of Officers Dinner July 1, 2019
The Geneseo Rotary Club held its Change of Officers dinner on July 1 at the Yard of Ale Restaurant.
Club President Michael Kolberg presented Angela Ellis with a Past President Gavel Plaque.
PP John Lanpher presented Angela Ellis with a Paul Harris Award.

Geneseo Rotary golf foursome at annual Quad Cities Golf Outing at Farview Country Club, June 4th.,
l to r, President-Elect Mike Kolberg, Art Hatton, Craig Chichester, and Don Livingston.
John Lanpher also played in the event and a good time was had by all.